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here a visual of it.

Would be a lot better if we had stats of the civ /culture/what they look like when you click on 'life detected' /intelligence found but good simulator

Mac version seems to be broken at least for me. I downloaded it twice and got a message saying it's broken and won't open.

Hi, sorry, as far as I can tell this is out of my hands - try adjusting the security settings to allow opening of any application, or use the app, somehow it seems to make the file run.

I really like the minimalist look and the serious approach to the subject.

I love that you also make games in Processing!

This looks really cool, but I'm not able to play.. How do you run the Linux version? (For that matter, is the Linux version packaged right? The Mac & Win versions are 60+ MB; Linux is 4 MB)

The Linux version is what came out of the Processing export as is, so if it doesn't run I'm not entirely sure there. I'm not familiar with Linux programs but there weren't any options (except 32/64 bit) for exporting. The Mac/Win versions are so much larger because they package in a Java distributable alongside the program itself.


This looks fantastic!


this is awesome!! really feels like a simulator of the concept and also just visually pleasing